Friday, January 8, 2010

Matthew 1 - Not My Plans

The story of Jesus birth is amazing! There are so many things that looked like they would not happen and yet because of God's plan, they did happen! God always brings His plans to reality. In His time and in His ways.

To be honest, I'm not always a big fan of God's plans. Mary wasn't planning to be pregnant before being married. Joseph wasn't planning to marry a woman who was pregnant from someone else. And yet because they followed God's plan they saw the Savior of the world be born. They had the incredible privilege of caring for the One who would care for the world!

What things does God have planned for me? I like God's plans when they involve success and recognition for a job well done. I don't like God's plans when they involve people judging me, times of difficulty and testing.

Yet, God's purpose is always to make us more like Jesus. That's God's plan for all of us - that we might become more like Jesus. To become like Jesus, we have to go through some rough times and allow God to transform us during those difficult times.

I'm not excited about more difficulty in my life but I do want to be like Jesus.

God, continue to work out Your plan in my life! Today, I want to be more like Jesus.

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