Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 weeks till launch!

Now 3 weeks till launch day!

Lots going on! Trying to finalize things like curtains for the main room and children's areas. Need help sewing curtains together for these areas! Not hard work (unless you don't know how to sew - which includes me) just time intensive! If you can sew and are willing to help, let us know! Email Curt at

Spent the day today up in Jax speaking at a church about wrestling with God (Genesis 32). Great time meeting new people and seeing how God is working around us! The future is bright for the church! Many passionate, God committed followers giving all they have to advance the kingdom!

Every Sunday we are at the Flagler County Realty Building preparing for launch day! Set-up / tear-down is underway! This next Sunday, we'll be having a practice service. Getting everything in place on time to make sure all works properly! We'll be worshipping together and getting focused on what is about to happen on Sept 20!

3 weeks will fly by! Hold on tight - the rodeo is about to begin!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Leadership Summit

Had another great Leadership Summit on Aug 6-7 in Jax. I highly recommend this leadership conference for everyone. Next year the event will be on Aug 5 - 6 in Jax again. This is a great leadership development event for anyone who wants to get better at leading!

There are always so many take aways for me but here are a few.

  • God is more interested in simple obedience than great achievements or sacrifices.
  • Say yes to God every time the HS prompts you. You only have today to advance the kingdom of God. You may not get tomorrow.
  • Many people have a hard time finding Jesus in the long shadow of organized religion.

I was reminded again that God uses people like me! If I'll just allow God to work through me great things will happen! Too often I'm the problem for what doesn't get accomplished for God around me! Too often I'm in the way - and nothing else!

I was thrilled to have Tammy attend this year with me! This is the first year we've been able to attend these types of events together! It's so awesome to have the same language and a common experience on great events like this!

We all owe it to ourselves, God and others around us to get better at leading! We all have something to lead even if that something is us!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

leadership summit

Just spent 2 days at the Leadership Summit in Jax. Great event every year! It's great to hear from top quality communicators and to be reminded of the role we play in God's epic story.

We have huge parts to play in God's story and cannot shrink back because of fear, insecurity, lack of resources, intimidation, distraction, etc...

We only get one chance in life to advance the kingdom of God in our area and in our lifetime. I want to leverage every day I'm given to advancing the kingdom. I want to become the best leader I can so that others around me can become the best leaders they can.

Every year I need to be reminded that I can make a difference in the world! So can you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

8-6-09 Tammy's update

Tammy is now in her 9th week of daily IV therapy.  It appears she is getting better - baby step by baby step!  Nothing radical but every little bit is a great improvement!  She has more mobility and can do more now than she's been able to do for 2 years.  We're thankful to God for her improvement.

Pray that our insurance continues to pay for her treatments for as long as needed.  We could be doing daily treatments for 6 months or more.  The cost is very high - about $550 a day.  Our insurance might now agree to pay these expenses at some point on the journey but so far they have paid for one month of treatments.

If they refuse to pay, we'll be left with a very large bill! 

God has that all under control!  Thanks for your prayers and support!  We appreciate your encouragement along the way!