Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day dads! Missing my dad this father's day weekend!

My dad crossed the finish line of this life and the starting line of eternity almost 7 years ago. He was an amazing man who dedicated his life to living for God! He walked away from the potential to make lots of money and instead followed this crazy leading to be a missionary.

A passion grew in his heart to tell people about Jesus full-time. All of my life I've watched him choose God over possessions, God over money and God over everything.

Dad, thanks for the example you modeled for me! Still feel like I need you here to help guide me in how to follow God closely! I especially feel the need for your presence with the start of epic church! Sure could use your wisdom and encouragement!

God, thanks for always being with me and always guiding me in the best way to live! I cannot live without You! You will always guide me in the best way to lead epic! I'm dependent on You!

Dads, live the life before your family! Be the father, husband and man God has designed you to become! We have only one chance to lead our families and ourselves well! Live the life, run the race, leave a legacy!

Happy Father's Day dads!

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