Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tammy's Medical Update 6-4-09

We met with Tammy's new Dr yesterday for the latest summary in our over 2 year medical journey. Dr. Warner believes we are down to 2 options with Tammy's poor health:

1) ankylosing spondylitis (AS) OR
2) lymes disease

AS is a condition that slowly fuses the spine / ribs together over time. No cure for this just management of symptoms / pain.

Lymes is a tick born disease that in its chronic stage can be very debilitating.

Tammy has considerable arthritis in her hips which indicates AS or lymes. We've decided to start a lymes treatment to see if she starts getting better. On Monday she goes in to get a pic line put in and then should start treatment Monday or Tuesday. Treatment will involve going to Halifax Medical Center everyday for an infusion of powerful IV antibiotics. They will watch Tammy for reaction to the meds, infection in the pic line and blood clots.

If she starts getting better within a month or so then we know it is lymes disease. If she does not get better then it points towards AS.

Thanks for your prayers on the medical journey! It's been a long road and we're ready for an end but we know God is in charge of Tammy's healing and will heal her however and whenever He sees fit! Thanks for trusting God with us for Tammy's healing!

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