Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 weeks till launch!

Now 3 weeks till launch day!

Lots going on! Trying to finalize things like curtains for the main room and children's areas. Need help sewing curtains together for these areas! Not hard work (unless you don't know how to sew - which includes me) just time intensive! If you can sew and are willing to help, let us know! Email Curt at

Spent the day today up in Jax speaking at a church about wrestling with God (Genesis 32). Great time meeting new people and seeing how God is working around us! The future is bright for the church! Many passionate, God committed followers giving all they have to advance the kingdom!

Every Sunday we are at the Flagler County Realty Building preparing for launch day! Set-up / tear-down is underway! This next Sunday, we'll be having a practice service. Getting everything in place on time to make sure all works properly! We'll be worshipping together and getting focused on what is about to happen on Sept 20!

3 weeks will fly by! Hold on tight - the rodeo is about to begin!

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  1. keeping you all in prayer! we are getting ready to move to a larger building next Sunday so I can relate... lots to do! God is working!