Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dramatic twist ~ Easter

God's epic story took a dramatic turn over 2,000 years ago.

Jesus, the true Hero of the story, courageously charged the darkness to rescue those held captive by the enemy. Jesus knew the price for winning the battle against evil ~ He would have to die! But not only die ~ He would have to watch His Father turn His back and leave Him to die alone with the sin of the world on His shoulders. On top of that He would have to defeat the powers of death by returning to life.

Against the odds, on that first Easter morning, Jesus won the battle! He not only shouldered the sin of the world alone, He rose from the grave ultimately defeating death and the power of sin!

By placing our faith in Him, we are restored to our rightful place among God's family! What a concept! You and I have the opportunity to be joint-heirs with Jesus Christ! Part of God's royal family ~ with rights and privileges that only come to God's children!

Hard to believe and yet true all the same!

Happy Easter!

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