Monday, April 20, 2009

Tammy's medical update

Had an appointment with a new Dr today in Daytona - Dr. Warner an infectious disease Dr. He's trying to help us rule out Lyme's disease as the cause of Tammy's symptoms.

We prayed for a great interaction with the Dr and then for direction. We got both! Dr. Warner was very helpful and listened well to our story! He even read through the 3" binder of medical info we brought with us logging our 2 year journey. Very few Drs have ever read through our collection of reports.

The plan is for us to get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) of which we're not looking forward to - especially Tammy. He also wants us to do more blood work and then to get an MRI of Tammy's hips to rule out some hip degeneration disorder. The results of all that will help us determine if IV antibiotics will be our next treatment approach.

Doing nothing can lead to more complications and Tammy's condition getting worse. Doing the lumbar puncture and IV antibiotics have their own set of unpleasant complications.

Either way God is still our Great Physician and is in complete control! We know our healing only comes from Him! He will heal Tammy when He's ready and how He chooses! Until then, we continue to follow the path He places before us!

Thanks for your prayers! We need them more than you'll know!

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