Friday, April 24, 2009

Exponential New Church Conference '09

Home now after the Exponential Conference '09. Great experience! Got to spend time with 2 other couples and learn lots from people like Erwin McManus, Francis Chan, Tim Keller, etc...

My head is full to overflowing with information that will take me a month or more to unpack!

It was so incredibly cool to be around thousands of other people from around the world who are passionate about advancing the kingdom of God through church planting!

We are part of this epic mission that God has to save the world! God desires that every person be given the opportunity to have eternal life! We have lots of work to do! There are many people around us who need Jesus.

Erwin McManus said something like this (my paraphrase) "Jesus did the most heroic act of dying for humanity so we could do the most heroic act of living before humanity!"

Time to live!

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