Monday, September 14, 2009

5 days

5 days till epic is officially launched! Time seems to be speeding up minute by minute!

We need to be ready for next Sunday. Here's some ways we can get ready personally:

1) Pray, pray, then pray some more! We're in a spiritual battle for the souls of people who don't yet know the love of God. The enemy of God will do anything and everything within his power to keep us from being effective. We need to be prayed up everyday for the battle!

2) Stay connected to the Vine! John 15 talks about Jesus being the Vine and us being the branches. We cannot do anything without being attached to the Vine! Spend time with God being transformed by His truth daily. Talk to God moment by moment through prayer. Memorize bible verses that remind you of how to live! Listen to music that draws you to the Creator! There are many ways to stay connected to the Vine!

3) Expect the unexpected! Things won't go always as we plan them. We must be prepared for things to go wrong. And when they do, we need to respond quickly with grace, humility and love. We need to hold everything loosely!

4) Build a "Whatever it takes" mentality. Jesus came to serve, not to be served. And He modeled a "I'll do whatever it takes" mentality. Nothing was too great or too menial for Him to do. He spoke with the religious elite and washed his disciples feet. Nothing is insignificant in kingdom work! Everything matters - and what matters most is how our hearts are transformed through serving!

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