Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tammy update

Please be in prayer for Tammy as her pain has increased the past few days. Her pain scale has decreased to a 1 - 2 on a scale of 1 - 10 over the past month and a half - which has been extremely exciting to watch! She's been taking baby steps toward healing but there has definitely been improvement! Thanks to all of you for your prayers through the process. It appears we've finally discovered the right treatment for Tammy and it is working - slow, but working!

Her Dr wants her to get 3 more months of IV therapy and then to take a break and see what happens. We have mixed feelings about that. If Tammy is feeling better by then, that's great! But if she's still struggling, we'd rather keep going until the symptoms are completely gone. Be praying with us about that! Pray that we'll know the right thing to push for when December rolls around!

Over the past 2 days Tammy's pain scale has increased which can easily be explained by the lymes symptoms cycling around - as they continually do. It's been a while since her pain has been this elevated so pray that it is short lived! She went to bed at 6 PM tonight because of the pain. She hasn't done that in quite a while now.

She's such an amazing woman! She lives with constant pain and rarely complains about anything. I get a stomach ache and start complaining. That's usually when she takes out some frustration and smacks me on the head for being a baby! She keeps pushing through pain, limited mobility, etc... to bring honor to Jesus - in spite of her condition! She's my hero! When I grow up I want to be just like her! Thanks Tammy for being the example of maturity and endurance as a Christ follower! I love you!

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