Friday, November 20, 2009

God heals broken washing machines

Yesterday I was reminded that everything I go through is used by God to make me more like Jesus - if I let it!

Yesterday our washing machine was leaking from underneath. So, I took it apart to prayerfully find the problem and fix it cheaply! I couldn't find the problem but managed to get water all over the floor multiple times. That was fun.

After debating about whether I should call in a professional or not, I decided to put the washer back together and test it again to see if I could see where the leak was coming from.

Hours later I was still trying to put the cabinet back together. I almost lost my faith fighting with a stupid machine. While grumbling around our laundry room and making lots of "don't come in here and bother me" noises, I was reminded that God was using this to develop patience in me.

After complaining to Him about His timing, I refocused my mind on that truth and finally asked God to help me put the washing machine back together. In the process of putting the machine back together I lost one of the clips I needed to snap the back onto the cabinet. After looking everywhere for that clip, I figured I just didn't need it.

Got the washer put back together and ran a load of laundry. Guess what! No leak! Not sure how God fixed the machine but He must have done something when I wasn't looking.

Guess what else! I found the clip I was missing. It is inside the cabinet. When our washer gets to the spin cycle, we can hear the metal clip making some wonderful noises against the metal frame it's caught on inside the cabinet.

I keep telling Tammy, "Just close the laundry room door and you won't hear the noise!"

Today I'm thanking God for healing my broken washing machine and for pouring out His grace for me!

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