Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5-12-09 Tammy Update

Yesterday we finished the last of Tammy's blood work after seeing Dr. Warner, her new infectious disease dr. Within the past few weeks Tammy has had a spinal tap (that was fun!), another MRI (she's had an MRI done from her head down to her hips so far), and lots of blood work (she is now best friends with some of the ladies at the lab - HA!)

The latest round of blood work went to a specialty lab in CA to test for Lymes Disease. Within the next few weeks we should have the results from the tap, MRI and blood work. Prayerfully, we'll be able to determine what is causing Tammy's pain, crippling and other strange symptoms!

God has walked us through a very difficult past 2 years and is still walking very close to us! Many moments we are ready to give up and somehow God shows up in some encouraging / comforting way and empowers us to keep on going!

I'm humbled to be the caregiver to a woman with such tenacity, depth and faith! She's been such an inspiration to me through this whole journey! I'd like to say that I could handle this as graciously as she has but I'm afraid I'd fall very short! She's a beatiful picture of grace and humility! It's an honor to be married to a woman who could have turned this into great bitterness, but yet choose to trust God with all of her being - good days and bad; good health and bad health!

Way to go Tammy! You're the incredible ultra-marathon woman! Thanks for the privilege of being your husband and best friend! I'm cheering you on to your healing! You'll get it! God will heal you!


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! We are all in this together.