Thursday, May 14, 2009

epic launch team

Had another great launch team meeting last night! With under 19 weeks till launch Sunday we're shifting gears toward dividing up in teams to accomplish the overall goal! We'll need people on all kinds of teams from programming to tech to children's ministry to hospitality to set-up and tear down .... There is lots to accomplish!

It's amazing what can happen when a group of committed people come together to accomplish a task. Each person brings a unique gift mix to the team to make the team better! I'm so encouraged by the people God is bringing to join our epic team! It will take all of us working together to join God in His epic mission of restoring the world to Himself!

We have a daunting task but a great BIG GOD! He will do far more than we can ever ask or think!
Our goal is to have at least 50 people on our launch team by September 20! Pray with us that God will continue to grow our epic team with people who will give all of who they are for all of who He is!

On May 31, we will have a pc3 / epic vision meeting for all who may be interested in stepping to a higher level of leadership at pc3 and epic. May 31, 6:30 PM in the pc3 auditorium. If you know someone who might be interested in that, tell them to come! More info will come from pc3 in the next few weeks!

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