Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MRI today

Tammy had an MRI today of her hips to rule out any hip degeneration. Don't think that's what's going on but it's always good to rule out everything possible! It was somewhat painful for Tammy but she's doing okay. If the MRI turns up normal, then Lymes continues to be the suspect disease. The spinal tap and blood work can confirm the Lymes but not always. There is no definitive Lymes test. Lymes is tricky to diagnose. Her symptoms keep pointing in that direction.

Not sure if the spinal tap has flared up her pain level but it seems that way. She's had more pain since Friday.

We have one more round of blood work to do next week that will be tested at a specialty lab in CA. We should get some answers to all these tests sometime in the next 2 - 3 weeks or so. I'm sure you know what's it's like to wait on test results! Never as soon as you'd like!

Only God can heal Tammy! He's the Great Physician! We're trusting in Him and Him alone for her healing! Thanks for joining us in prayer over this one!

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