Sunday, May 3, 2009


I regularly get asked questions about epic church. Here is a summary of some of those questions and the answers to those questions.

1) When is epic launching?
September 20, 2009

2) Where is epic going to have worship gatherings?
Current plan is to use the Flagler County Realty Association Building on 100. If leaving Target head towards Bunnel and the building is on the left hand side. Very contemporary looking building.

3) What about using the Epic Movie Theatre?
Epic Theatres continue to hold off on starting construction. They have recently pulled their building permits and have about 6 months to start construction or start the building permit process all over again. Unless more plans arise (which of course may happen) they will most likely be open for business in the fall of 2010. We decided early on that we did not want the launch of epic church to be tied to the construction of the theater. Glad we made that call!

4) How can I stay posted on what's happening with epic church?
Visit this blog is one great way! Another way is to attend our vision meetings soon to be announced.

5) How can I help with epic?
There will be many opportunities to help with epic and pc3! Our goal is to have at least 50 people on our launch team when epic officially launches on Sept 20! We'll be holding vision meetings in the near future to cast our epic vision. If God stirs something in your heart at that meeting about helping epic, then join the team! Either way, we want people to step up to higher levels of leadership at pc3 and at epic!

6) Why does Trent like "Braveheart" so much?
I like "Braveheart" because of the blue face paint that William Wallace wears! It's incredible!
"Braveheart" depicts the epic battle of the christian life! Good vs. evil; a spiritual battle of epic proportion; a spiritual battle that rages all around us and claims the lives of many people who do not see the battle for what it is! I could go on for hours, but I'll stop now! I'm getting too passionate! "Freeeeddddddoooooommmmmm!"

7) How can I pray for epic?
Pray that God will go before us! If He does not, all our efforts are useless!
Pray that God brings us the right worship leader!
Pray that God provides the necessary funds!
Pray that God heals Tammy!
Pray that God raises the right launch team!
Pray that the people in our community who need Jesus respond to Him through epic!
Pray that God will do more than we can ask or think!

Thanks for your prayers! They mean so much!

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